Well, the only way you found this page is if I told you about it, unless you're extremely clever. Yes, you would have to be... The hidden link to it is awfully small, and invisible. -So no congratulations for you! :p the actual purpose of this page is so I can quickly navigate to any page on my site to check for bad links or corrupt code.
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no actual music on this page, ironically. hmm...
my band needs you! especially if you are very very talented, (and preferably independantly wealthy.) :D for some reason this button doesn't load until you mouse over it. why is that? it's weird. aha! I figured it out. fixed the code. never mind. wow that was weird. it didn't like the allign=middle statement. maybe I mispelled allign. still, it makes no sense. sometimes webbrowsers suck for no explainable reason.
My new band's site. eventually this will be hosted offsite. before that I'll put a redirect from supergodsmusic.com, to this site. (or my index anyway.) -Somewhat cobbbled together from M3band.com, but then so's the music, so what the heck.

tour dates  supergods tour dates & concert information
audio  download supergods audio-files in mp3 format
store  supergods store (capitalism at work)
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mission statement  supergods mission statement.
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e-z index  easy to read index page, unlike the main one which is pretentiously arty.

My old band's index page. it used to be a seperate website, m3band.com. I put a redirect on that URL though to my current site.
M3 Audio clips page Listen to my music!
M3 press reviews Read how great we were!
M3 concert schedule Wonder why I leave this page online!
M3 Bio page Read something that leaves out all the dirt!
M3 music lessons We all still teach music!
M3 defunct Links page well, the net is covered in pages of links to pages of links... :p
M3 Store Buy my old CD! It still rocks!
M3 Photos See a band that was underappreciated by the industry!
M3 Video See nothing, we never posted any video! we may yet though, believe it or not!
M3 lost page This page is not lost. The people on it are though, unfortunately.
Super-Seret Hidden Audio page listen to exclusive music! unreleased tracks, works in progress...

Gallery index page.
James's art; Portraiture page
James's art; Illustration page
James's art; Murals page
James's art; Paintings page
James's art; Digital Manipulations page
James's art; 3-D page
a collection of some of my portraits of my impossibly adorable friend Joanna. :)
(some images may be innapropriate for younger websurfers.)
Joanna butterfly-faerie gif page 1.5 megabyte psychaedelic file.
a collection of some of my portraits of my far too gorgeous friend Jez. Some of these are a wee bit on the racy side...
Jez art page 2
Jez art page 3
James's art; Sketchbook page Monsters and women, my favourite things to draw it seems.
James's art; Miscellany page
James's art; hidden er, 'art' page... (some material may be unsuitable for minors.)
James's art; Comix page
James's art; hidden 2nd comix page! This page leads to 31 pages of a comic book story. From each page you can navigate back up to the menu page, or go to the next or previous panel in the story. Wow, Kamela was right, I got lazy on the art towards the end. Oh well. Yes Kitten is a real person. No aliens were harmed in the making of this comic.

colour image map page.
Image map explanation page (colour)
index of images on image map (colour)
Image map empty link page (colour)
Black and White image map page.
Image map explanation page (black & white)
index of images on image map (b&w)
Image map empty link page (b&w)

Gallery index page. No mouse-overs on the buttons, at her request.
Donna's art, page 2.
Donna's old art page humourous "redirect"

Enjoy some sequential art. Poem by James, pencil art by Donna, ink and letters by James

Sharynne's site index page.
"Doon na shee" Copy of index page spelled easier. "dns.htm" instead of "DNS.html". Who knew some browsers would get case sensetive? :p
Dun na Sidhe general information page
Dun na Sidhe workshops and classes page
Dun na Sidhe Celtic/Medieval music page
Dun na Sidhe books, cds and more!, page
Dun na Sidhe Celtic studies page
Dun na Sidhe Links page
Dun na Sidhe pix page.
Dun na Sidhe recommended reading page.
Sharynne's CV.
Reviews of Sharynne's books.
Reviews of Sharynne's workshops
the Moors page, Sharynne's old band. Awesome and highly acclaimed CD still available!

Other assorted miscellaneous pages

fake Error 404 page. with at least 6 real links on it! hoo ha!

ladies and gennulmen, Bob. Bob wants me to take this page down and link to his new site instead, callingallguitars.com, but he doesn't have it working yet, so till then this stays. and even then, I like it so it'll still be accessable from this page.
awesome sites. and a few so-so ones probably.
Take a tour of Stately Möbius Manor.

how can anyone resist? believe it or not, some people can!
Do not click here page 2 with crazy mixed up links! wacky!
Do not click here page 3 DNS link works right, all others take you to the other stuff page. Home link takes you to;
Do not click here page 4 all links take you back to this page. Right painting and space between paintings take you to;

Archives page

A miscellaneous art page.
black text on a black background. Neil Gaiman's blog was accidentally stuck in this mode for a few days once. that's what gave me the idea. some people thought it was done on purpose, I mean how much more goth can you get? :D
the test pattern page. I put this page up when I'm doing some major work on the site. (except on that version all links are disabled. fascinatin' -huh?)
make this your homepage???

a reassuring webpage

self explanatory.
less of the same.
will fix stuff for money.
a page of my prose. uh oh! lyrics and poetry. I may not have posted this one yet.

new page still in the works. links to sites your kids shouldn't go to but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

whatever I feel like putting here. mostly photos of me and my friends, cats, pix I've taken, etcetera.
an unfinished page, internet shrine to the art of a great American artist. Coming soon.
shrine (Warning; this one may make you cry.)

secret hidden menu page. You are here.

My guestbook, won't you sign in please? OH PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE! Come on! Just sign the bloody thing! Over 600 people have looked at it, yet only a dozen or so have signed it, what the hell is up with that? Ok 50 of those visits were me pointlessly checking in, even though I get an email letting me know when there's a new entry but still... It's lonely being a mad genius sometimes.