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Celtic knowledge, wares & events:

CCFHThe Celtic Cultural Heritage Foundation is a professional organisation dedicated to the study, preservation, recognition, support and transmission of Celtic history, society, language and art, as well as other forms of traditional knowledge and culture.
Our goal is to promote a high level of understanding, conservation and support of authentic Celtic culture, art and traditional knowledge, whose origins may be perceived in the accomplishments and merits of some of the greatest founding civilizations of Europe.

CIONA the Celtic Institute of North America  The Celtic Institute of North America is a community of scholars dedicated to bringing you the most complete Celtic studies curriculum available on this side of the Atlantic. Whether you are interested in learning a Celtic language, studying ancient Celtic cultures, or exploring the music, folklore, arts, and traditions of Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, or Brittany, the Celtic Institute has something for you.

all that matters All that matters  the largest non-residential holistic center in New England. More than 50 weekly yoga classes, an array of workshops, a retail store, and health care services ranging from acupuncture and chiropractic to massage therapy draw some 1000 visitors a week to Wakefield, Rhode Island.

blackirish.net Celtic Paganism  This website is mainly for those studying Celtic Paganism at Harvard, but is open to anyone with an interest in discussing such things as archeological information obtained from cult sites, theLebor Gabala, theMabinogi, etc.

blackswannmasques BlackSwann Masques  absolutely gorgeous hand made masques for ye, lords and ladies, jesters and fae.

celtic digital the Celt Digital  a good source for Celtic Information on the World Wide Web.

cyberpict.org cyberpict.org  sustainable eco-friendly folks

Digital medievalist Digital medievalist  A very cool and insightful site!

E-Cauldron E-Cauldron  Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism

Fluid Druid The Fluid Druid  The Fluid Druid's Pagan Place is a Pagan Web Community dedicated to education, networking, and other free Pagan Services.

Celtic Colloquium the Harvard Celtic Colloquium  The Harvard Celtic Colloquium was established in 1980 by two graduate students in the Harvard University Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures as a forum in which graduate students could share their work and gain experience in professional academia. Since then, it has been organized annually by a team of students in the department, grown in size, and gained an international reputation which annually draws a diverse mix of scholars from around the world to present papers on all facets of Celtic Studies. (more details @ website)

Harvard the Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium   the annual publication archiving the lectures given at the Colloquium. (Past presenters have included Sharynne NicMhacha)

kripalu Kripalu   Kripalu Center is an institution where people can come to discover what it means to be fully human and fully alive through a nonsectarian and nondogmatic approach to yoga.
  We are dedicated to the honest and unfettered inquiry into, and pursuit of, all philosophies, techniques, and approaches that produce thriving in the individual, the family, the institution, the business, the community, the society, and the planet all at the same time..

mythic links Mythic Links   aims to bring artists, scholars, historians, philosophers, archaeologists, insights of psychology and other authentic sources to a general audience in an accessible way.

Omega Omega institute   Through innovative educational experiences that awaken the best in the human spirit, Omega provides hope and healing for individuals and society.

books Recommended reading   Many people ask Sharynne for suggestions on further reading material, here they are

Marcel Rizzo Marcel Rizzo  Director of the Moors music video for the Hunter, also a fine photographer

Rowe the Rowe Center   Rowe Camp & Conference Center is a spiritual and educational organization offering opportunities for the presentation and exchange of a wide variety of ideas and beliefs consistent with Unitarian Universalist principles and values.

witchvox Witchvox.com   a wise and witch-friendly website, neopagan news/networking on the net since 1996

Music and artwork:

Bats in the belfry Bats in the belfry  Bats in the Belfry is a show featuring music with a dark asthetic including everything from Gregorian chant to the newest Gothic rock, Hosted by Mistress Laura. You can now hear the show online!
    /\,,/\     /\../\     ^..^

Mance Mance  Percussionist with TrouzBras, Percussion instructor, Mance Grady is one of the earliest bodhran makers in North America whose drums are well known for their trademark superior workmanship and tonality.

Cynthia Von Buhler.com:  the art, performance art and music of an extremely talented fabulous woman.

mobiusbandwidth home of our webhost, an artist/musician, builder of websites and fixer of things.

the Moors the Moors  Celtic/medeival trance/rock band. the Moors CD Buy their CD here.
New! -Visit the Moors' new page on Myspace.com where you can hear some of their music now!
more Moors links use Advanced Google-matic technology for more Moors info.

art by Donna Sharynne NicMhacha   My new page on MySpace.com
Hear audio clips, get up to date concert listings, add me to your friends list!

Trouz Braz  A renowned Celtic/Breton band who the Moors' vocalist/woodwind player Sharynne NicMhacha recently performed and recorded with them, (though she is not currently working with them). Moors' fans MUST check them out. also add them on MySpace here and You-tube, here.

Valhalla Kittens Valhalla Kittens   Fun Boston based unrepentant glitter rock. with the Moors' Scott Dakota at the helm.


TLC Total Life Cleanse   More than another diet or fast, a life-changing, program of body detoxification, rejuvenation, and stress reduction, offered in both a both a 9-week and a 12-day format. TLC integrates the latest breakthroughs in nutrition, mind-body medicine, and the neuro-sciences with the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Personally endorsed by Sharyyne.


stonehenge L.O.T.P.  An interesting and unique new take on Stonhenge...

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