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Sequential art is a fancy word for comic books. Except they aren't always comic. They also aren't always in book form, although that is becoming increasingly popular. "Graphic novels" is another term for the visual illustrated storytelling medium which is starting to gain the respect in the US that it has long had in Europe and Asia, where the general populace is not still living in the 1950's and thinking comic books are only for children.

Here are some samples of some of my work in this medium. I do autobiographical work, as well as my own quirky sort of humour, tinged with surrealism and Science Fiction. I don't live in a box though. I'll draw whatever I want to. Some of my work is based on my dreams. I'm currently associated with the boston comics roundtable and have published some work in their anthology, with more to come.


I'm currently self publishing an ongoing sci-fi-music romantic comedy adventure series called Punk Rock Alien Space Girl Adventures, or PRASGA for short. you can read it now on the following sites, Facebook.com/prasgacomic , instagram.com/prasgacomic and on my deviantArt account (includes some NSFW art, and uncensored versions of my comics, which I must censor for failbook and instacrap as they are draconian puritanical fuddy-duddys, apparently. d: You can view the covers to issues 1-4 (all I have so far) right here, click them to see them BIGGER. Full sized high resolution images can be downloaded directly from my deviantArt account, and nowhere else, currently.

Update 2022 you can now read my work uncensored, at prasga.thecomicseries.com a webcomic platform hosted by comicfury.com not as high resolution as on deviantart, but there's one page, so far, that I had to censor even for deviantart which I didn't have to at comicfury.com.

I also now have a Patreon page, where for as little as 3 cents a day, $1/month, or as much as you can comfortably afford to donate in support of the arts, you can read this book as soon as each page is done, before anyone else, there are 7 pages of issue 6 up there as of 8-11-20, which I haven't posted anywhere else yet, you'll also have access to high resolution scans of over 3,500 pieces of art by me, no kidding. Most of those have been seen by only a handful of people, and until I posted them there, by no one but me! There's also music, and will be other things. visit it here to check it out: patreon.com/jamesmobius.

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Other titles by me, currently in print, include: "They said I was MAD!" A one-man anthology, with comics and art dating as far back as 1995, but also including current work.

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With Donna Martinez: "I had a little mousie". A 6 page mini comic, written by me, illustrated in a charming style by my distinguished colleague Donna Martinez.

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Older works:
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Or click here. preview of page 5 panel 1!
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When I made my debut as a published comic book artist a few years ago, it was assisting the notable Goth Humourist, musician, animator, artist/writer Voltaire by doing some digital shading for his current TPB (trade paper-back) a collection called Deady the evil Teddy, volume 3. Also among the creators involved in this book is Neil Gaiman! Not too shabby. Neil, in case you are living in a cave is the premier writer in Comics, as well as a worldwide top selling novelist, and screenplay author, who's movie Mirrormask is now availble on DVD. Neil recently recieved an award for having received more awards than anyone else. (ok not really, I made that bit up, but it seems inevitable). Here is a cropped detail image of a page I shaded, first you see the orignal linework, then the shaded art, then just my shading, so you can see precisely what my contribution to the page was. I should point out that I had to mimic Voltaire's style of shading, which he is perfectly capable of doing, (given more lenient deadlines, and less Captain Morgan), and that like all the shaders on this book, he later made some adjustments to our art for uniformity's sake. Much thanks to Voltaire for the gig, and to Donna, for letting me know about the opportunity.

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unfortunately the pages are not numbered in this book, however to let you know exactly what I did, flip open your copy of the book, (you don't have one? Go buy one!) the interior cover has the indicia (copyright and publication information) on it, the next page you see, the "splash page" is page #1. I shaded pages 24, 34, 35 (except the flower monster in the upper right hand corner, and the rather upside down strawberry looking monster at the bottom, oh, nor did I shade the 2 critters flanking him on that page) and I did page 44, (which took 11 hours!)

Some (possibly all, haven't checked thoroughly yet), of the pages I did were reprinted in a collected edition "the big book of Deady", on store shelves now where-ever fine comix are sold! Also I'll be doing new stuff for "Deady: Big in Japan" due out later this year, possibly early next year.

Experimenting with a different way of formatting web-comix, this one is an image map.
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Another form of sequential art is animation. Here are my latest animated gifs. Click the third one to see a large gif in a new browser window, (file is 1.2MB)

hand drawn cel animation.
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sequenced digital photomanipulations
© 2004 J. Möbius.

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