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Greetings Humans! Welcome to MöbiusBandwidth.com the web home of multi-instrumentalist musician and multi-media artist James Möbius, and a network of sites he hosts

     The links above will take you into the mind of the most modest genius the universe has ever known, if he says so himself, as well as some of his friend's websites which he administers. For those of you viewing this site on your cell phone, go home and turn on a proper computer! The internet is supposed to be larger than a postcard.

Mojoceratops is my world-punk-fusion band, check us out won't you? We offer comprehensive blown-mind insurance with every purchase, and an extensive list of services to help you recover from having heard our music. You can now buy our just released live CD on CDbaby.com, and on iTunes, click this image for details:

     So you wanna be a rock'n'roll star? If you saw our vocalist-wanted ad and only made it this far click this   link for more information please, thanx.

Newest News!
     I am now a licensed Tattoo artist available by appointment only. I have a new page up about that! click here or the blinking thing at the top of this page that says Tattoo in case you missed it.


I have a new page up for bass players, educational information, I just launched this page with a Mick Karn transcription in tablature form, for fretless bass, even if you don't play bass, look at the page to hear a song unlike anything you've likely ever heard before, there was no one else like Mick Karn (rest in peace.) Click here.

New project; Morphine bass transcriptions for 2 string slide bass.

     I'm updating this site more often, & this site has it's own official blog now, (yeah, which at some point I might remember to add something to), it's accessible only from this page at the moment, via the shiny new button at the top. Exciting! Also, another new page, for Luthiery, click the new link button above. I haven't put that on the other hundred pages on this site yet, pardon me if I take a while to getting around to that codework, it's tedious. Luthiery means musical instrument building. I'll be clearing more of that off the 3-D art page when I get some more stuff on there. Check out the new bass I'm building in my secret laboratory!

BNI   A new page of recommended vendors of various services, all members of a networking group I belong to, check it out, page still in development. If you need a personal organiser, help with real estate, acupuncture, legal advice, we have you covered with some of the best in Boston!

    The Moors' website now has a long-requested Lyrics page. (Still in the works, but I have some of them up.)

Help support the arts! You can now donate to me, that's right, to me. click the button below to go to a secure paypal donation page where you can donate any sum you wish to keep me in bass strings and paint and Tattoo ink. Thank you. You can also use this button to pay for anything you might have bought from me, repay loans, etc.

     VIDEOS! remember when they didn't suck? I made a page with some on it, have a look: click here.

Look for my art in Voltaire's trade paperback Deady the evil teddy volume 3, a humourous comic book about an evil entity disguised as a cute soft toy. Actually a rather creepy looking soft toy. (This book is recommended for immature readers over 18.) I did some digital shading on a few pages, see this page for more details. My work from that volume is also featured in the collected "Book of Deady".

     Save the Internet! Yes, that's right, I said save the internet. From what you might ask? From the usual greedy avaricious money grubbers, there is a real threat to the freedom of information and the level playing field you currently enjoy online, please visit this site for details on what the US congress is trying to do to benefit large wealthy companies and screw over small ones all for a buck: savetheinternet.com
    Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. Your local library shouldn't have to outbid Barnes & Noble for the right to have its Web site open quickly on your computer.
    Net Neutrality allows everyone to compete on a level playing field and is the reason that the Internet is a force for economic innovation, civic participation and free speech. If the public doesn't speak up now, Congress will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign by telephone and cable companies that want to decide what you do, where you go, and what you watch online.
    This isn't just speculation -- we've already seen what happens elsewhere when the Internet's gatekeepers get too much control. Last year, Telus -- Canada's version of AT&T -- blocked their Internet customers from visiting a Web site sympathetic to workers with whom the company was having a labor dispute. And Madison River, a North Carolina ISP, already tried to block its customers from using any competing Internet phone service.
     Find out how this affects YOU and what you can do about it at savetheinternet.com

     older latest updates:

     I also have spiffed up my award-winning* links pages checking to make sure they all work, adding some and making banners for all of them, (I'm starting to think the links section is the best part of this site! :p) Lastly Ï fïgurëd öüt höw tö püt ümläüts äll övër thë pläcë! Wäy cööl!
     oh, I learned a new trick, click the new button... (the ? mark.)

Featured Image; Every now and then I change what pic goes here. I'm pretty happy with this one, my latest canvas, and a future CD cover.

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For a long time I resisted having a guestbook because I didn't think people would sign it, finally I got one and got lots of nice comments, (lately, mostly concerning my portraits of Miss Jez), -and a few uninformed ones... recently the provider was bought by a larger company which deleted all of their guestbooks with no warning, thank you very much. oh, or so I thought. wow, now it's back. grr. I got a new one, now I gotta delete that one. :p oy vey. Thank you.

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