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"Mojoceratops: Live in Boston" Greg Mag: drums, Bob Melpignano: guitar, James Möbius: 5 & 6 string Bass, 10 string Chapman Stick
1. Countdown (live) 4:40
2. the Machine (live) 3:53
3. Riph Raph (live) 5:14
4. Improv Interlude (live) 1:44
5. Conviction (live) 5:14
6. Mr Radio (live) 2:38
7. Lost (live) 9:00
8. the Mad Hatter (live) 5:30

      CD back cover, and disc art:

image copyright MobiusBandwidth.com image copyright MobiusBandwidth.com

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New CDs Now available for direct purchase!

"Mojoceratops: M3" back in print due to popular demand, that's right! Studio recordings (not live).
Greg Mag: drums, Bob Melpignano: guitars, James Möbius: 5 & 6 string bass, 5 string fretless bass, upright, and mandolin.

Side one:
1 Conviction (5:32)
2 Magonia (4:20)
3 Countdown (4:20)
4 Sharon is happy (6:10)
5 the Machine (4:03)
6 Mr. Radio (2:46)
7 Impossible figure (for Su)/Another Viking Victory at the green midget cafe' (9:20)
8 Stay alive (2:23)
9 the Mad Hatter (5:07)

back cover:
image copyright MobiusBandwidth.com

  "Mojoceratops: Trois Visages" an album of improvised music.

 Also back in print, now with 2 new bonus tracks!
 Greg Mag: drums, Bob Melpignano: guitar, James Möbius: 5 & 6 string bass, & keyboards.

 1. 3 faces
 2. Astral
 3. X'hal
 4. Supersweet
 5. Pound Down
 6. Floater
 7. Big surf
     bonus tracks:
 8. Improv Interlude 2
 9. Sorry, wrong universe

 Back cover:
image copyright MobiusBandwidth.com

 Available for pre-order soon!
"Mojoceratops: Fusion Gods"  Greg Mag: drums, Bob Melpignano: guitar, James Möbius: 5 & 6 string bass, & Chapman Stick.
  (album cover, track listing and title subject to change.)

 Tracks (tenative):
 1. The Robot is dead
 2. Witch
 3. JFK
 4. Two swans
 5. Fusion gods
 6. Exit Sandman
 7. Ikebukuro
 8. the Man from Planet X

 Back cover:

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